Thanks to comprehensive and competent advice, we develop rubber compounds for our customers based on suitable polymers. We supply you with high-quality compounds for applications of all kinds. In addition to individual WAGU products, we also offer the production of contract compounds.

Our rubber compounds are characterized by high quality and a wide range of different polymers and forms of delivery. All recipes are produced to the highest standards and degrees of purity on four high-performance internal mixers. Through 100% inspection, we guarantee perfect quality. Only when the product fully meets your requirements, we deliver it to you.

Granulate for your specific finishing

Endless feeding strips are produced in various thicknesses and widths.

Extruded sheets for your individual production requirements.

Wig-wag sheets and release agent free plates, for example for use in transfer or compression molding.

We offer the following forms of delivery:

  • Endless strips (grid box or cardboard)
  • Strip wound on spool
  • Wig Wag sheets (also perforated)
  • Sheets with and without release agent
  • Granulate
  • Extruded sheets
  • Calendered sheets
  • Vulcanized sheets (with and without fabric lining)
  • Non-vulcanized profile
  • Your individually delivery form
Please ask for further processing and delivery possibilities!