Whether molded parts, roller covers, linings, hoses, membranes or hand-made articles - WAGU rubber compounds are used in almost every branch of technical elastomer processing. In production, we flexibly focus on specific product and technical requirements.

An overview of our current portfolio - we are happy to accept your individual challenge:



Whether established recipes or individual new developments - we produce durable lining materials including the appropriate approvals, for example from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).

Corrosion and Acid Protection

Our high-quality corrosion and acid protection products help to extend the operating life of your materials, equipment and components.


Strained and shaped as a sheet or strip, our compounds meet the particularly high purity requirements for roll bodies.


Extremely versatile properties characterize our products for the production of molded parts of any size, quality and quantity.

Extruded Products

Whether for hoses, profiles or gaskets - we produce our compounds precisely to your production requirements in extrusion.

Individual Further Refinement

Benefit from our many years of experience: we develop solutions for your individual further refinement together with you.

The following is made of WAGU rubber compounds:

  • Molded Parts
  • Gaskets / Profiles
  • Hoses
  • Vibration damping components
  • Roll covers
  • Textile coatings
  • Corrosion protection/ tank linings
We would be happy to personally advise you and to develop your optimal rubber compound together with you.