WAGU Rubber Technology – Customized Blends

High-quality and customized rubber compounds precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the customer - that is the claim of WAGU Rubber Technology. From laboratory-scale quantities to large-scale series productions, we mix your high-quality rubber compounds for almost any type of application.

Thanks to our many years of experience with rubber, we currently have around 5,000 formulations available for individual compounding for our customers. With around 800 raw materials in stock and other components available at short notice, we can fulfill any order quickly. Of course, we also manufacture according to your own proven formulation under contract compounding.

Modern plant technology and standarized and customer-specific testing procedures ensure the highest quality during every stage of the production.

WAGU Rubber Technology – Compounds In Every Form

Thanks to comprehensive and competent consulting, we develop rubber compounds for our customers on the basis of suitable polymers. We supply high-quality compounds for applications of all kinds. In addition to individual WAGU products, we also offer the production of contract compounds.

Our rubber compounds are characterized by high quality and a wide range of different polymers and delivery forms. On four high-performance internal mixers, all formulations are produced to the highest standards and purity levels. We guarantee perfect quality through 100% testing. We only deliver, when the product fully meets your requirements.

Quality and Competence

  •     Continuous feeding strips (mesh box or carton)
  •     Strips rolled on spool
  •     Wig-Wag skins (also perforated)
  •     Single skins with and without release agent
  •     Granules
  •     Extruded webs
  •     Calendered webs
  •     Vulcanized webs (with and without fabric insert)
  •     Unvulcanized profiles
  •     Prefabricated blanks
  •     Perforated skins

Please ask us for further processing and delivery possibilities!

WAGU Rubber Technology – Application Areas of our Products

Whether molded parts, roll covers, linings, hoses, diaphragms or handmade confection articles - WAGU rubber compounds are used in almost every sector of technical elastomer processing. In production, we flexibly adapt to specific product requirements and technical demands.

An overview of our current portfolio - we would also be happy to take on your individual challenge:



Whether it is an established formulation or an individual new development - we produce resistant and durable lining materials including the corresponding approvals, for example from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).


Corrosion and acid protection

Our high-quality products for corrosion and acid protection help extend the service life of your materials, equipment and components.


Roller rubber coating

Drained and formed as webs or strips, our compounds meet the particularly high purity requirements for roll bodies.

Molded Parts

Molded Parts

Extremely versatile properties characterize our products for the production of molded parts of any size, quality and quantity.

Extruded Products

Extruded Products

Whether for hoses, profiles or seals - we manufacture our compounds to precisely fit your extrusion production requirements.

Further Processing

Individual further processing

Benefit from our many years of experience: Together with you, we develop solutions for your individual finishing.

WAGU Rubber Technology – selected raw materials for high quality blends

To ensure the high quality of our products, WAGU only uses raw materials from approved, released suppliers. Upon delivery, our raw materials go through a conscientious quality assurance and are only released for further processing after passing our tests.

Inventory-optimized storage capacities and raw materials that can be delivered at short notice enable an efficient production. In addition, automated processes and individual test parameters ensure maximum reproducibility of the compounds produced for you.

The following base polymers are available for the production of your individual rubber compound.

Ethylene Propylene RubberAbbreviation according to DIN ISO 1629 (ASTM)FeaturesCold resistance  [°C]Heat Resistance [°C]Maximum continuous load [°C]
Natural RubberNRExcellent mechanical features: good elasticity, high strength, low abrasion, good dynamic behavior-50+ 80+ 70
Polyisoprene RubberIRSimilar NR, good hysteresis properties-50+ 90+ 80
Butadiene RubberBRLow abrasion, very high elasticity, lower hysteresis-60+ 90+ 80

Styrene Butadiene Rubber

SBRLow abrasion, good vulcanization plateau, good processability-40+ 100+ 90
Chloroprene RubberCRWeather resistant, flame retardant, swell resistant to certain oils, greases and solvents-40+ 110+ 100
Nitrile RubberNBRGood oil resistance (swelling resistance to non-polar media), good mechanical properties, good gas and air impermeability, suitable for conductive compounds-40+ 120+ 100
Hydrogenated Nitrile RubberHNBRGood oil resistance and good heat resistance, very good mechanical properties (high strength, low abrasion).-35+ 160+ 150
Carboxylated Nitrile RubberXNBRIncreased wear resistance compared to NBR-40+ 120+ 100
Butyl RubberIIR/BIIR/CIIRExcellent gas tightness, low swelling in polar media, electrically insulating, brominated (BIIR) and chlorinated (CIIR) grades available-40+ 130+ 120
Norbornene RubberNOR (PNR)Low hardness settings possible with relatively high strengths, good damping properties-40+ 80+ 80
Ethylene Propylene Diene RubberEPDMVery good aging resistance, ozone resistant, acid and alkali resistant, steam resistant, electrically insulating, resistant to polar media-45+ 150+ 130
Ethylene Propylene RubberEPMVery good aging resistance, ozone resistant, acid and alkali resistant, electrically insulating, resistant to polar media-45+ 150+ 130
Chlorinated PolyethyleneCM (CPE)Excellent ozone and weathering resistance, flame retardant, oil resistant, electrically insulating-40+ 150+ 130
Chlorosulfonated polyethyleneCSMExcellent weather resistance, color stable, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, electrically insulating-35+ 150+ 120
Ethylene Vinyl-Acetate RubberEVMGood compression set, high flexibility, medium oil resistance-25+ 130+ 105
Acrylic RubberACMVery good oil resistance (swelling resistance to non-polar media), ozone resistant-30+ 160+ 150
Ethylene acrylate rubberAEMGood oil resistance and good heat resistance, low compression set-40+ 175+ 170
Tetrafluoroethylene-Propylene RubberFEPMVery good resistance to strong acids and alkalis and very good heat resistance, excellent oil resistance-30+ 230+ 200
Fluoro RubberFKM (FPM)Excellent resistance to non-polar solvents (e.g. gasoline) and very good heat resistance, low compression set-40+ 250+ 200
Perfluoro RubberFFKMExcellent chemical resistance, applicability under extreme conditions, low compression set-15+ 350+ 315
Epichlorohydrin RubberECOFlame retardant, oil and solvent resistant, ozone resistant, low gas permeability, good flexural strength-40+ 135+ 120
Polyurethane RubberAU/EUVery low abrasion, very good mechanical properties (tear strength, tear propagation resistance), resistance to various solvents-30+ 100+ 80

Here you will find everything about our products

For more than 50 years, WAGU rubber technology has been a proven manufacturer of rubber compounds. With our equipment we produce individual batches with up to 200kg.

Experienced employees, high-quality equipment and the German production standards allows us to maintain our high quality standards and enable us to guarantee a fast delivery.

Quality meets expertise: no matter what polymer, shape or texture you need, we assure you of a 100% quality guarantee.

No compromises: Rollers, acid protectors, liners and other rubber parts are used in the industry every day - so you need to be able to rely on them.

We only use high-quality polymers, the latest technology and apply proven processes to produce the best products for your business.

Do you have a question, special request or something seemingly impossible? Feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to the phone call. + 49 2902-9739-0