• 2015 – Implementing of new rolling mills

    Two new features are available at WAGU at the beginning of the year: A new rolling mill equipped with modern drive and control units starts production. In addition, another rolling mill is put into operation on production line 2.

  • 2012 – Extending stock capacities by building a new warehouse at the state road B55

  • 2007 until 2011 – Implementing three new production lines

  • 2003 – Start of the mixing operation at the present location in the industrial area of Warstein-Belecke

  • 1995 – Founding of WAGU Rubber Technology GmbH as an independent company in Warstein

  • 1994 – Outsourcing of the mixed operation

  • 1984 and 1985 – Relocation of the rubber production to Warstein-Belecke

    With the purchase of production halls from Siepmann, the pipe lining is relocated to Warstein-Belecke. Two new rolling mills create capacities for the constantly increasing order situation.

    Large orders - about 12,000 pipes for a flue gas desulphurisation plant - are therefore no problem.

  • 1980 – Purchase of a new Engelke autoclave

  • 1975 – Purchase of a new roller head line

  • 1970 – Development of the rubber production

    In the 1970s, the further development of the company is gaining momentum: A new hall with three rolling mills and a 4-roll calender with doubling machine are being built. Rubber sheets are now also sold outside Germany to companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Building site rubber coatings with self-vulcanising CR membranes are new in the product range.

  • 1968 – Purchase of the Scholz autoclave


1967 – Company Foundation

Hubertus Seibel buys the Reckhammer plant and founds Warsteiner Gummierungswerke GmbH & Co. KG. Two autoclaves and 20 employees, including ten lining employees, belong to the company at that time. Components of the product portfolio among others: water purifier, linings for filter containers, troughs, piping and fittings. Rubber compounds are initially purchased through the company Accu Hoppecke in Brilon.