Whether extruding, calendering, straightening or vulcanizing - we can further refine the products made for you upon request.

WAGU offers the following possibilities of further processing:



For the most demanding, ultra-fine compounds - such as membranes or sheets - we strain rubber compounds through screens from 0.1 to 0.8 millimeters thick.



From a series batch, we produce calendered sheets in various thicknesses and widths for you. By cutting to length, we can also supply individual plates in different sizes.



Our roller-head-line already strainers rubber compounds in the production process: The extruded, bubble-free surface can be produced in different widths and thicknesses and leaves our house free-hanging in special cardboard boxes or customized transport units according to your production.



On request, we vulcanize your extruded or calendered sheets. It is also possible to work fiber into the sheets.