Whether niche product or standard compound - thanks to comprehensive personal advice we produce tailor-made solutions for every requirement.

Right from the start, you can rely on the expertise of WAGU employees. We support you in the development of the optimal rubber compound and further processing for your processes. From the selection of suitable raw materials through the actual production process to comprehensive services around your delivery, we take care of your order step by step.

On request, this includes the detailed accompaniment of the introduction of the compound into your plants. Among other things, our employees support you in production optimization in transfer, compression or injection molding as well as in extrusion or lining in corrosion and wear protection.

We guarantee an excellent service around your rubber compound.

Your direct contact:

Lining/ Corrosion
koehler.jpg Bernd Köhler
Sales Europe
Telephone +49 2902 9739 51
Fax +49 2902 9739 79
Mobil +49 151 65516330
Technical Compounds
krause.jpg Martin Krause
Head of Sales Germany
(excluding NRW, BW, SL, RP)
Telephone +49 2902 9739 19
Fax +49 2902 9739 919
Mobil +49 171 3005738
Technical Compounds
Bernd Diesch
Europe, International
Telephone +49 2902 9739 18
Fax +49 2902 9739 79
Mobil +49 151 74216678